May Habits And Tasks



Hello Challengers and welcome to one of my favorite months, May!  Props to you all for hanging tough so far. We are down to a small but dedicated group! How did everyone do with the classic book? I am into the homestretch on A Separate Peace as I write this blog.  I had forgotten what a wonderful read it is and how much I loved the character of Finny.  There were some wonderful books on the list and I ended up ordering several others from Ebay!

So the biggest surprise for me this month was how much fun picking up garbage could be!  Damien and I went to a hidden, neighborhood creek for a picnic.  We looked for those elusive ducks (two mallards who did not allow us to get close to them) and then made a game out of who could collect the most trash.  Ten minutes turned into 45, and there were some very close calls into the muddy creek!  At the end of it all, we had a full trash bag of mostly cups, bottles, cans, wrappers, two empty bags of dog food and a vehicle floor mat.  I don’t even want to know the story there!

Also, can I just say you all take some lovely photographs of ducks?!  Tatia Miracle had a nice one of quite a gang, and Claire Clifford took a lovely photo that looks like it should be displayed in someone’s home!

Onto May:

Habit:  Fresh flowers daily!  Every day, snap a pic of a fresh flower.  It can be in your garden, home, or growing wild… any flower. If possible, spend a minute with the flower, breathing in its aromatic nature and appreciating its beauty.  At the end of the month, pick your favorite flower photo and post in the comments.  I hope this habit allows us to embrace the spirit of spring, and may also surprise us in decreasing our stress levels.

Task #1:  Listen to a full album you haven’t heard in 10+ years. Damien came up with this one and it was an instant “Yes!”  May is always a good month to reminisce about the past- graduations, weddings, the start of summer vacation.  Let the memories flow!  Post your album in the comments.

Task #2:  Design a smoothie.  Get creative here.  Invent a nice, spring smoothie.  Blend it, and drink it.  Let us know your recipe and how it tasted in the comments.

That’s it!  Make sure to mark your points at the end of each month on the spreadsheet. Have fun with this one!

About erinrockrun

Erin Rock is a master's athlete, NASM personal trainer and USA Triathlon certified coach. She and her wonderful Irish husband Damien have two fur babies. When not on the bike or roads, she can be found plant-based cooking, reading non-fiction, or trying to break the world record for number of grocery bags carried on her arms in one trip.
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