December Challengers


HATS= Habits And Tasks to Self-Improvement

This challenge is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.  It is for everyone- men, women, students, grandparents, the fit, the not-so49632d5c-cdba-4cf0-b08e-8f0a0821c8e7-fit, etc.  My goal is to improve YOU, by bettering both your physical and mental health.

That was our opening paragraph from all the way back in January.  Over these last eleven months, our small but tough and dedicated group has taken on challenge after challenge, and stuck with it.  That, in itself, is huge.

And so we’ve reached our final destination; the most magical month of them all- December.  As we approach month number twelve, we’ll take the opportunity to look back at what we’ve accomplished.

Habit:  Pick any of the habits we’ve done.  Leave a comment with your choice.  They are all easily reviewed in the blog, but as a reminder:                                                                          Jan: Declutter (one item a day)  Feb: Define two daily intentions March: Brush teeth with non-dominant hand April: Read a classic book for 5:00 daily May: Fresh flowers daily June: Hydrate July: Organize 5:00 daily August: Acts of kindness Sept: Apple a day Oct: Sleep tight Nov: Stay healthy

Task #1:  Secret Santa  Leave a goodie bag as a surprise for someone of your choice.  The goodie bag does not have to be much- a fruit basket, winter hat, small gift card, etc.  Get creative.  Think of your neighbors, cab drivers, cashiers, the homeless- the choices are vast!

Task #2:  Write two New Year’s Resolutions. These two resolutions should be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely.)  An example would be:  I will paint my bathroom sage green by March 1, or I will to run the St Paddy’s Day 5K on March 17 at a pace of 10 minutes per mile.  Some examples of resolutions that are not SMART: I will be more creative, or I will do more running.  State your resolutions in the comments.

I’m excited to see some of these choices! Don’t forget to record your results: Spreadsheet



About erinrockrun

Erin Rock is a master's athlete, NASM personal trainer and USA Triathlon certified coach. She and her wonderful Irish husband Damien have two fur babies. When not on the bike or roads, she can be found plant-based cooking, reading non-fiction, or trying to break the world record for number of grocery bags carried on her arms in one trip.
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