Veestro: My Introduction to Meal Delivery

(Note: I am not sponsored by Veestro, and they never asked me to write a review.  This is unbiased.)

Several weeks ago, I was thumbing through the latest issue of Veg News magazine when something caught my eye.  It was my name, as first prize winner of a giveaway!  My award would be 30 days of free meal delivery from Veestro, a plant-based company out of Vernon, California.

I had heard about meal delivery services such as Blue Apron and Plated for a while now, but had never learned the details.  I had low expectations, thinking I would be getting frozen dinners comparable to Amy’s or Healthy Choice, both found at my local Kroger.

After a wonderful welcome email from the co-founder of Veestro, Monica Klausner. I learned that my shipments would be arriving every Friday over the next four weeks.

The first order arrived exactly when it was due, and it came in a huge box packed expertly with dry ice. I wondered how I would ever fit everything in my freezer!  As Damien and I unpacked, we were like two kids on Christmas morning.  These meals were clearly restaurant quality, and looked incredible!  Plus, there was enough food to feed an army!

Since I do have an Irish husband, we quickly chose the sheperdless pie as our first dinner.  We took it out of it’s tray, and threw it in the oven for the instructed time.  It did take slightly longer than the directions listed, but I’m sure this depends on your oven.

When we took it out, we had two dinners that looked like something you’d be served in a gourmet restaurant.  And the taste did not disappoint!  As we came down to the last few bites, we both slowed down because neither of us wanted it to end!

Since then, we have tried a few others: Thai chick’n stew, breakfast burritos and the Beluga lentil braise.  They are all delicious and I would give them all five out of five stars. The portions are decent-sized too, even for us endurance athletes. It would be hard to pick a favorite.  We have others to look forward to as well:


As you can see, these meals were picked from the weight loss plan, which means they are among their healthier options.  They do have a chef’s choice plan, which includes some more splurge-worthy meals like pizzas and baked mac and cheez.

With many people wanting to dial in their nutrition for the New Year, winter is a perfect time to get on board.  The prices are reasonable too, with meals in the $10 to $12 range.  Plus, they often have big discounts like this one:


After playing around on the website, we learned you can customize everything to your preferences.  There are some meals I am looking forward to trying later this month, like the country fried chick’n dinner and the Tuscan calzone.

Overall, I am so impressed with the logistics of Veestro.  This would be a perfect system for a busy professional who works late, or someone who wants to cut down their time in the kitchen.  My husband and I both love to cook, but it has been wonderful taking a break and having everything ready to go!

I had never dreamed of using a meal delivery service before, but after my month runs out, we have already decided that we will use this again during busier months over the upcoming year.



About erinrockrun

Erin Rock is a master's athlete, NASM personal trainer and USA Triathlon certified coach. She and her wonderful Irish husband Damien have two fur babies. When not on the bike or roads, she can be found plant-based cooking, reading non-fiction, or trying to break the world record for number of grocery bags carried on her arms in one trip.
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