Four Can’t-Live-Without Brands in Multisport

When it comes to training and racing tri’s, there are obviously some brands that make our lives simpler. We have Cervelo, Hoka, Body Glide, Swiftwick and GU. Most of us could not live without our Garmins. But there also tend to be some brands that fall under the radar. Through many years of triathlon, I have finally narrowed it down to my fab four underrated favorites.



Amrita:  I am in love with these protein bars! The founder of the company, Arshad Bahl, developed these healthy, organic and raw bars after dealing with his son’s food allergies.  So these bars are free of dairy, gluten, nuts, soy, oil and preservatives.  But they taste phenomenal! The dark chocolate quinoa and the chocolate chip coconut are hand’s down my two favorites. They are great for quick breakfasts, and long bike rides. A while back, I had to cut back on them, as I was eating 4-5 a day (don’t judge,) and even though they are reasonably priced, that adds up on the pocketbook! So now I am a two-a-day girl. If you haven’t tried these packages of goodness yet, you are missing out! Click here to visit Amrita.


Zwift: I am a full fledged addict. If you are looking to take your cycling to the next level, look no further. Paired with a smart trainer, this is what I attribute to my biggest gains as a cyclist in almost a decade of riding. Set up your trainer, connect to a monitor in front of a bike, and guide your customized avatar through the streets of London, NYC and even a magical island called Watopia. You can do group rides (with realistic drafting,) workouts and race against others! It makes indoor riding exciting and very realistic. You might even find yourself praying for rain so that you can ride inside.  Click here to visit Zwift.



Roka: you can’t beat their goggles and wetsuits. I have tried probably 50 pairs of goggles over the years, and only two don’t leak. One is the Aqua Sphere Vista Mask (which makes you look like an awkward scuba diver/ swimmer) and the other is the Roka X1. They are comfortable with good visibility, and fog less than others. I am crazy about the amber lens! Click here to visit Roka.

Headsweats: For years, I have been obsessed with Headsweats visors. For us heavy sweaters, the sweatband prevents sweat from pouring down our faces. They are cute, comfortable and I feel naked without one. Ask anyone who knows me, and they can attest that I am never seen running without one. I had applied for years to represent this company, and 2019 finally brings my dream of being a Headaweats ambassador!  Click here to visit Headsweats. (Also, check out the $5 grab bags available from their website- receiving them is as exciting as Christmas morning!) Use code Erinrockrun25 for 25% off.



About erinrockrun

Erin Rock is a master's athlete, NASM personal trainer and USA Triathlon certified coach. She and her wonderful Irish husband Damien have two fur babies. When not on the bike or roads, she can be found plant-based cooking, reading non-fiction, or trying to break the world record for number of grocery bags carried on her arms in one trip.
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